Modern shoulder surgery

The shoulder joint is the most mobile and most complex joint in the human body. Its specialist construction allows it to combine maximum mobility with adequate stability. However, this complicated structural system can be prone to traumatic injuries as well as degenerative signs of wear and tear.


Shoulder arthroscopy - conservative and safe

In the early 1990s, shoulder surgery underwent a revolutionary development with the advent of innovative arthroscopic surgical techniques. Arthroscopy allowed previously unknown injury patterns to be observed, classified and subjected to now minimally invasive treatment. Compared to knee arthroscopy, which is now regarded as well established, shoulder reconstruction and arthroscopic procedures are still considered a particular challenge and remain the preserve of only a few state-of-the-art centres.


Shoulder specialists in the Athletikum Group

The founder of the internationally focused Athletikum Group, Dr. Michael Lehmann, has focused on diseases and injuries of the shoulder since 1987. The team at the International Shoulder Group has performed well over 20,000 arthroscopic and reconstructive shoulder procedures. With the exception of complex revision procedures and shoulder endoprosthetic reconstructions, virtually all shoulder problems such as shoulder pain can now be carried out minimally invasively, i.e. arthroscopically.


Expertise in shoulder surgery is crucial

The training of shoulder specialists performing shoulder surgery or other treatment methods, as well as the technical resources available, must of course match international standards. Only by respecting and spending the considerable sums required to implement these standards can good and reliable results be achieved, along with the avoidance of complications. High quality and excellent results can be reproduced through scientific quality management.


Much more than with other joint surgery procedures, the field of shoulder surgery especially needs to take account of physiotherapy-based aftercare and the challenging management of surgery, physiotherapy and possibly training specific to the type of sport in question by the attending specialists. Only structured and organised collaboration can guarantee the best possible result.


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