Alli Gokeler

Alli Gokeler - Colleagues Dr. Michael LehmannGraduate sports physiotherapist Alli Gokeler

Born in Groningen (Netherlands) on September 18, 1967


1986-1990: Studied at the Rijkshogeschool Groningen (NL), Academie voor Fysiotherapie




1996: Physiotherapist in the USA

1996-2000: Athletikum Physiotherapy, Hofheim

Since July 2001: Fysiotherapie Medisch Centrum Zuid, Groningen (Netherlands)



Roles and activities

  • Physiotherapy assistance for, including: Lycurgus Volleyball League, Groningen; Amicitia Football Club, Groningen; Gronitas Football Club, Groningen
  • Lecturer at the Hanzehogeschool Gamma University, Faculty of Physiotherapy
  • Lecturer in "Orthopaedic Medicine and Manual Therapy" (International Academy of Orthopaedic Medicine - IAOM)
  • Regular lectures at national and international specialist and patient events

Within the Athletikum Group, Mr. Gokeler is responsible for the concepts provided in the Rehabilitation and Science sector. The scientifically based development of specific physiotherapy treatment concepts is one of the key tasks and objectives of the equal collaboration between physiotherapists and doctors within the Athletikum Group.



Publications (extract)

  • Gokeler A., Lehmann M.: Postero-superior Impingement. Geneeskunde en Sport 2004; 6:159-164
  • Gokeler A., Lehmann M., Schmidt-Wiethoff R.: Die Rolle der Scapula bei der instabilen Schulter [Role of the scapula in shoulder instability]. Arthroskopie 2004; 17:199-205
  • Gokeler A., Lehmann M., Knopf E, Freiwald J. : Überlegungen zur Diagnostik und Rehabilitation des Schultergelenkes bei Überkopfsportlern. Sportverletzungen Sportschaden. 2003; 17:15-20
  • Gokeler A., Lehmann M., Mathijs O., and Kentsch A., M.D. Tennis: Rehabilitation, Training and Tips. Sportsmed Arthrosc Rev 2001; 9: 105-113.
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  • Netherlands Physiotherapy Association
  • Netwerk Sportfysiotherapie Noord-Nederland
  • Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology Sports Medicine (GOTS)

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