Refixation methods
Dr. Michael Lehmann

Treating cartilage/bone avulsions

For some cartilage damage, surgical refixation techniques can be an important form of treatment. Cartilage and bone fragments that have been released into the joint can be secured back to their original location using special surgical techniques. Either screws, which are removed in a second operation, or absorbable pins, which eventually dissolve on their own, can be used.


Osteochondrosis dessicans in young people

One of the typical conditions treated with these types of refixation technique is Osteochondrosis dessicans, in which small fragments of cartilage and underlying bone are avulsed into the joint, depending on the severity of the condition. Osteochondrosis dessicans typically occurs during puberty or in young adults. The cause of Osteochondrosis dessicans remains unclear. It usually affects the knee joint, but can sometimes also affect the ankle and elbow joints.


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