Hip arthroscopy - conservative and safe - Dr. Michael Lehmann

Virtually no other technique has revolutionised hip surgery over the last few decades in the way the introduction of hip arthroscopy has. Hip arthroscopy, or keyhole surgery, has opened up a number of treatment options.


What is hip arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is visualisation of the joint. It has already been used as a well-established procedure for many years to treat shoulder and knee joint problems. The procedure involves making incisions measuring just a few centimetres in length, through which the instruments are passed into the hip joint. Hence the name keyhole surgery. These instruments include an arthroscope, a tube or hose-like instrument containing a light source, a fluid supply and a suction device, along with channels for specialist medical instruments.

Hip arthroscopy is less invasive, the hospital stay is usually shorter and the recovery period is shorter compared to open hip surgery.



When is hip arthroscopy indicated?

Young or middle-aged people who enjoy sports can especially benefit from hip arthroscopy if they need treatment of a hip problem but do not want open hip surgery with large scars due to their rapid return to sports.

Hip arthroscopy can be indicated for injuries to the joint lip (labral defects), for example. The cartilaginous lip is re-sutured to preserve it. Destroyed parts of the labrum can be removed from the joint.

Other indications for hip arthroscopy include:

1.            Loose bodies in the joint

2.            Diseases of the joint mucosa (synovial disease)

3.            Cartilage damage or cartilage injury following accidents

4.            Early-stage hip osteoarthritis

5.            Femoro-acetabular impingement

6.            Hip pain of unclear aetiology

7.            Infections of the hip joint

8.            Labral tears

9.            Degenerative changes

10.         Dysplasia



Arthroscopic intervention by hip specialists

The operation is very demanding and requires the surgeon to have a considerable degree of expertise. For this reason, arthroscopic procedures on the hip should only be carried out by suitably experienced surgeons.


Across the Athletikum Group, we have been carrying out joint-preserving hip arthroscopies since 2004.


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