Dr. med. Marco Gassen

Doctor of Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Doctor of Manual Medicine

Born in Siegen on April 16, 1962



Studied Human Medicine in Aachen and Heidelberg. Study residences in London and Bangalore (southern India)



Acupuncture training



Licence to practice medicine



Orthopaedic training and practice internship, K. Zwicker, Sinsheim



Training in trauma surgery and emergency medicine, Dr. E. Thies, KKH Bad Friedrichshall



Orthopaedic training, Aukammtal Hospital Wiesbaden (Prof. K.L.v. Hanstein)



Osteopathy training under Prof. B. Fossgreen, Prof. Robert Ward, P.R. Rennie



Training in systemic therapy and NLP



Additional qualification in sports medicine, additional qualification in chirotherapy (manual medicine)



Founding of the Practice for Sports Medicine and Integrative Therapy



Instructor training in T’ai Chi, Chi Kung and Tao yoga under Rolf Weber in Frankfurt



Certificate in Arlen’s Atlas therapy (ÄGAMK)



Founding of the Pro Physio Practice for Sports Physiotherapy



Book publication: “Back Pain Rescue Guide” (“Schnellhelfer Rückenschmerz”) in collaboration with H.-D. Kempf and C. Ziegler



Relocation and expansion of the practice in the Facharztzentrum Welfenhof, Wiesbaden



Additional qualification in acupuncture



Founding of MED4SPORTS-Centre for Sports Diagnostics, Outpatient Rehabilitation and Prevention; cooperative medical practice with Karel Kučera



Expansion of the practice and founding of QIMOTO - Practice Centre for Sports Medicine; joint practice with Dr. Michael Lehmann




Dr. Gassen’s specialist areas

In line with his holistic approach to treatment, Dr. Gassen set himself the goal early on of developing a comprehensive understanding of the many causes of musculoskeletal problems in sport and orthopaedic problems. As a result, he developed a number of symptom-related functional, exercise and kinematic / cybernetic methods of investigation. State-of-the-art scientific knowledge underpins the multi-modal and personalised diagnostic and therapeutic concepts used today. (www.ruecken-diagnostik-center.de, www.das-bewegungslabor.de)



Memberships and activities

  • German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP)
  • Interdisciplinary Society for Orthopaedic Pain Therapy (IGOST)
  • German Society for Manual Medicine (DGMM/MWE)
  • German Society for Pain Therapy - Pain Therapy Colloquium, German Pain Association
  • Professional Association of Orthopaedic Physicians (BVO)
  • German Medical Association for Acupuncture (DÄGfA)
  • Amnesty International Medical Section (AI)
  • Board Member of the Forum Gesunder Rücken - Besser Leben e.V.
  • Founder and Chairman of the Forum Gesundheit Wiesbaden
  • Speaker and trainer at the Forum Gesunder Rücken e.V.
  • Numerous presentations and events on the following subjects: “Sports injuries”, “Back pain”, “Integrative treatment concepts”

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