Injuries to the long biceps tendon -
Dr. Michael Lehmann

The long biceps tendon lies inside the shoulder joint and runs a complicated course. Its anatomical peculiarity and exposed location mean that the long biceps tendon is frequently subjected to injury and painful irritation.

Chronic inflammations or partial tears of the long biceps tendon can cause extremely unpleasant complaints in the front part of the shoulder.


Treating injuries of the long biceps tendon

The inflammatory adhesions of the biceps tendon sheath can be successfully treated with endoscopic methods.
Tears of the long biceps tendon with the labrum at the upper edge of the joint socket (known as SLAP lesions) can be treated arthroscopically using specialist suturing techniques.


Biceps tendon-specific problems can occur as a result of instability of the tendon both in the area of the joint and at the level of the bony groove on the humerus. Corresponding minimally invasive reconstructions that require technically precise work should therefore only be carried out by experienced shoulder specialists.
Around 800 minimally invasive shoulder procedures are carried out each year across the Athletikum Group.

Generally speaking, the arm can be actively mobilised the very next day.

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